‘Full of warmth with a dark, complex heart.’ Emma Jane Unsworth

Welcome to my website

Stephen May

Hello. This is my website where you can find out about my books and other things I do. You can also email me (stephen_may@ymail.com) to sign up for my newsletter.

I am a writer based in West Yorkshire in the hills above the A646 half way between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. Towns I love equally (I think of them as siblings often squabbling with each other but quick to back each other up against insults from the outside) I’m not from here though – I was brought up in Bedford, moved to Essex and came North as an economic migrant in 2003. 

I write novels. My latest (my sixth) is Sell Us The Rope published March 1 by Sandstone Press.

Praise for Sell Us The Rope

Brilliant and original — part historical novel, part romantic comedy, and part bildungsroman about a tyrant-in-waiting.Marcel Theroux

Original, adept and confident, with the spry sardonic voice of the new historical fiction: it is entertaining and in the end, deeply moving. What can I say, except that I wish I had written it myself?Hilary Mantel

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