‘acerbic and funny’ New York Times


The Reverse is also true

A tragi-comic look at the inevitable compromises growing up forces on us all toured in 2015 with Novus Theatre.

The Reverse Is Also True - co-written with Mark Illis, produced by Novus Theatre this play is a study of ageing and the gap between the dreams we have as children and the reality we live as adults advancing into middle age. It is a funny play, but a poignant one too as we join Eddie Young on the day when he is suddenly confronted by his own 18 year old self on his own doorstep. Is he going mad? Is it some kind of cosmic joke? And how is he going to explain it all to his wife, Sarah?

The play was given a week's workshop and a scratch performance at a pop up theatre space on Bedford High Street (a former opticians shop) and a revised script, informed by responses to this performance, toured in 2015. There are photos here.

The Valuation (2011)

Stephen May's The Valuation picks over the recent aftermath of a divorce and represents the chaotic freedom of a bittersweet new beginning. The bouncy, impeccably structured script is well served by Sophia Rashid's direction. Comic timing is expertly delivered; the results are slick and truly humorous. A particularly sparkling performance from Olwen May in the central role of Heather is worthy of note as she re-discovers a forgotten naughty girlishness.

Ven Y Va

Specially written for the 2010 Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Ven Y Va starred Dan Carey, Caron May and Jo Mitchell and was directed by Joyce Branagh. Ven Y Va is a warm-hearted, bittersweet comedy about what can happen in an evening dance class. Sometimes it takes three to tango.

Still Waiting For Everything

Diana Price used to believe in her family. She used to believe in blokes. She used to believe that music could make everything better.

Now she believes in vengeance.

Featuring live music, innovative staging and requiring a virtuoso performance from a young female actor/musician Still Waiting For Everything is at the crossroads where standup, theatre and poetry meet. A comedy from the world of failed hopes, lost faith and broken promises.

Still Waiting For Everything was first performed at Halifax Square Chapel Arts Centre September 2005 and completed a national tour in October-December 2005.

The music was written by Anthony Clavane who, in another life, is Chief Sportswriter on the Sunday Mirror.

'A tour de force'
Halifax Courier

'The combination of May's writing, Clavane's music and Lindsay's performance makes for an enthralling show.'
Nick Ahad, Yorkshire Post

Martin Kellner, BBC Radio Leeds

Back The World

“In the battle between yourself and the world… back the world.” - Franz Kafka

1978 – Adrenaline, amphetamine, attitude, cheap lager. Buzzsaw guitars, a three chord manifesto. Sweaty sex with fanzine writers.

2008 – IKEA. Book Clubs. Pilates. Sensible teaching cordouroys.

Which would you choose?

Back The World is an uncompromising black comedy of dreams that rot before they die. A story of love, lust and playing support to Sham 69.

The play tells the story of a punk band trying to reform following the death of their obnoxious lead singer. A three-hander featuring two male and one female parts.

Directed by Maria Cattermole, Back the World toured successfully on the most threadbare of shoestring budgets in 2003 and 2004 picking up very decent notices from the regional press in the towns it visited and a reasonably enthusiastic review in The Guardian for its short London stint.

'Full of witty, one line observations on modern life... like a punk rock Oscar Wilde.'
Eastern Daily Press

'Wit, energy, bile... May can really write.'
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian